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1 Notification of Suspected Unapproved Parts - 1.5.2014
2 Notification of Suspected Unapproved Parts - 8.5.2014
3 Boeing Aircraft: Models 707, 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, and KC-135 Military Parts. List of Items (by Boeing part number) produced by Western Metals without FAA PMA
4 Ameri-King Corporation manufactured and sold multi-axis G-switches and associated mounting trays without FAA production approval
5 Avion Research Corp. Control Wheels, Glare Shields and Instrument Panels – without FAA production approval
6 GE CF34-10E Engines – Experimental Engine Controls (FADEC) without FAA production approval
7 Suspected Unapproved Parts Notification – 10 Person Life Raft part number (P/N) 6491010414, serial numbers (S/N) 0251 and 0254, and P/N 64910-10214, S/N 0249
8 Aircraft Bolts Manufactured and Sold without FAA approval
9 MacLean Sky, Commerce, CA - Manufactured and sold aircraft bolts without FAA Approval
10 Suspect (Bogus - Counterfeit) Electronic Components
11 General Electric CF-34-10E Engines - Experimental Serial Numbers 994-101 and 994-103
12 Suspected unapproved parts – aircraft electronic fuel system instruments
13 Classic Aero LLC., Gilbert, AZ - Distributed non-conforming parts
14 Notification of Suspected Unauthorised Overhaul / Repair of Fixed-Pitch Propellers and/or Blades
15 Airplane Seatbelt Extenders Model A for use on commercial aircraft, produced and sold without FAA TSO authorization
16 Gearbox (1) manufactured for General Electric Company by Avio Fiat was produced without FAA production approval
17 Unapproved Equipment Installation And/Or Configuration Of The Airplane
18 Apache Modification Aircraft Corporation, Kalispell, MT - Manufacturing of Unapproved Composite Parts
19 Classic Aero LLC., Gilbert, AZ - Distributed non-conforming parts
20 HID Country, Sarasota, Florida - Sold seat belt extenders without FAA approval
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