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Headquarters Division

The Headquarters Division handles all organizational issues, the various resources allocated to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and specific matters the handling of which has been referred to the Division.


Regulation and Procedures Department

*    It is a party to the various legislative processes and coordinates the processes of writing the 
      CAA procedures.                

*    Constitutes a center of knowledge with respect to ICAO documents. 

*    Is a connecting factor vis a vis worldwide aviation organizations - FAA, FASA, ICAO. 

*    Handles responsibility for the State of Israel's obligations of meeting the requirements  
      imposed by the ICAO. 

*    Handles the process of reviewing requests for exemption from the Aviation Laws and the
      granting of exemptions as approved in accordance with the procedures of the CAA (with the
      exception of personal exemptions that are dealt with in the flight employees licensing

*    Performs staff work in various fields.

The Information and Research Department

*    Plays a leading role in professional research with the assistance of experts or research institutes
      in Israel and abroad.    

*    Collection and dissemination of information about trends and issues in global civil aviation. 

*    Management of the aviation information (obtained from the operators and manufacturers),
      including management of the technical library and of the CAA Internet Website.


The Aviation Information Services Unit

*    Responsible for the preparation, printing, publication and distribution of aviation information of
      a permanently valid nature, in accordance with the instructions of ICAO.

*    Working together with professional bodies in the CAA to adapt the aviation information for 
      publication purposes.

*    Operates and monitors the CAA's cartography franchisee who is responsible for the printing of
      aviation information.


Budget and Working Plans

*    Coordination and preparation of the annual work plan of the CAA.

*    Formulation and monitoring of the CAA's budget and its implementation.


Civilian UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) 

*    Promotion of legislation, regulation and procedures in all matters pertaining to the design,
      manufacture, operation and maintenance of UAVs.

*    Licensing, control and enforcement in the sphere of UAVs.


Computing Systems

*    Managing the development and maintenance of the information technology systems.

*    Forms the connection with the Information Technology Systems Division and Automatic Data
      Processing Committee, which is renowned for the development and maintenance of software.

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