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Administration & Human Resources Division

The Administration and Human Resources Division is charged with responsibility for the whole range of administration and human resources issues of the CAA including the management of human resources, training and welfare, the financial management, procurement and logistics for the whole organization. 


The Human Resources Department 

*    Management of the system of recruiting of new employees and their absorption including
      management of the main personnel establishment. 

*    Handling the employee's terms and conditions of employment during his employment in the
      organization, and implementation of the procedures for the termination of his employment
      and/or his retirement.

*    Responsibility for the management of human resources including managing the salaries budget
      and auxiliary components.

*    Managing the list of CAA Inspectors and their powers and authority, including the issue of
      Inspector Certificates in accordance with the instructions of the ICAO.

*    Supervision of preparations for emergency situations (on an internal-organizational level).

*    Control of administrative offences.

*    Constitutes a connecting factor vis a vis the Salaries Department, the Civil Service Commission
      and the Licenses Department and Airport Authority Security Officer.


Training and Welfare Department

*    Management of the training system of CAA employees in accordance with international

*    Leading the development of professional courses in the sphere of aviation for employees of
      the Organization and for its customers.

*    Formulation and implementation of the annual training program of the whole of the CAA,
      including the training budget.

*    Management and training of a reservoir of intra-organization instructors and tutors.

*    Constitutes a connecting factor with training bodies in Israel and worldwide.

*    Production of training manuals, arrangement of professional conferences and events for clients of the CAA.

*    Responsible for the formulation and implementation of the annual welfare program for CAA
     employees including the welfare budget.

*    Management of the training and overseas travel committee.


Organizational Development

*    Management of the organizational development processes including organizational changes,
      improvement of working interaction and principal working procedures, etc.


Finance and Overseas Travel Department

*    Management of the CAA's system of expenditures and revenues.

*    Acts as representative of the Financial Comptroller of the Ministry of Transport.

*    Management of the system of overseas travel including ordering of flights and hotels, payment
      to suppliers and reimbursement of expenses vis a vis the employee.


Procurement and Logistics

*    Management of procurement for the whole of the Organization including contact with

*    Management of Tenders Committee for Advisors.

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