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Airworthiness Division

The Air-Worthiness Division is charged with responsibility for the system of licensing, supervision and control and enforcement in respect of engineering issues and the manufacture of aircraft, their parts and aviation equipment, as well as for the continuous activation of a safety program (COS). 


Aircraft Engineering Department

*    Licensing of aircraft (including unmanned aircraft) and aviation equipment by means of a Type
      Certificate, a Supplemental Type Certificate, or a Technical Standard Order, and granting of
      engineering approvals for aircraft manufactured in Israel and for imported aircraft.

*    Approval of vindication reports, experimental programs, experimental reports, airworthiness
      provisions and so forth.

*    Management, supervision and coordination of engineering projects as part of the licensing

*    Carrying out COS- Continuous Operation Safety actions.

*    Constituting a connecting factor with manufacturers and the foreign aviation authorities in
      connection with engineering projects, bi-lateral agreements and licensing of aircraft.

*    Management of Representatives of the Director, "Designees", in the engineering sphere.

*    Parties to the making of professional decisions in relation to issues concerning the
      department's sphere of responsibility.

*    Initiating and playing a leading role in changes in legislation, in regulations and in procedures in
      the relevant professional fields.


Aircraft Manufacturing Department

*    Licensing of Israel manufacturers of aircraft, their parts and aviation equipment by means of
      the granting of manufacturing certificates, a manufacturer of parts certificate or approval of an
      aeronautical item.

*    Issue of airworthiness certificate for the export of aircraft manufactured in Israel and the grant
      of airworthiness markings for export of aircraft parts and aviation equipment manufactured in

*    Supervision and control of Israeli aviation manufacturers and the handling of enforcement
      procedures with respect to them.

*    Supervision of implementation of a policy of quality control among Israeli aviation

*    Supervision of the function of the Designees in manufacturing plants of Israeli aviation

*    Participation in the analysis of reports of defects and shortcomings among Israeli aviation

*    Constitutes a connecting factor vis a vis manufacturers and foreign aviation authorities in the
      context of bilateral agreements.

*    Initiating and playing a leading role in changes in legislation, in regulations and in procedures in
      the relevant professional fields.

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