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Economic & International Affairs Division

The Economic & International Affairs Division is charged with responsibility for the regularization, in economic terms, of commercial aviation transportation in the Civil Aviation Sector.


*    Formulation of an aviation policy in the international and internal commercial aviation sector.

*    Management of contacts, agreements, changes and updates in bi-lateral and multi-lateral
      aviation agreements of the State of Israel.

*    Initiation and updating of legislation, regulations and procedures in the field of commercial
      aviation transportation and the commercial licensing of Israeli aviation companies.

*    Grant of operating permits to aviation carriers (Israeli and foreign) for commercial aviation 
      transportation to and from Israel and determining the conditions of operation for the
      engagement in such activity.

*    Supervision of the meeting, by aviation carriers, of the regulatory requirements, the
      commercial licensing conditions and conditions of the operating permit in the field of
      commercial aviation transportation.

*    Monitoring the economic and statistical parameters of the aviation transportation sector in
      Israel and worldwide, and publication of survey reports and research accordingly.

*    Maintaining contacts with foreign entities in relation to agreements concerned with
      international civil aviation security (in conjunction with the governmental bodies charged with
      responsibility for aviation security regulation).

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