Legal Division

The function of the Legal Division of the CAA is to give advice and the instruction of all the elements in the CAA with regard to the legal aspects of their activity, and in particular in relation to the interpretation of the Aviation Laws and the exercise of powers pursuant thereto.  In this context, the Legal Division of the CAA places at the disposal of the Board of Management of the CAA, such legal tools and means as are necessary for the implementation of the policy of the Director of the CAA, and to assist in the implementation thereof.


*    In fulfilling its functions, it also serves as a "backstop", in order to ensure that the activity of
      the CAA and its employees is conducted in accordance with the law and the rules of good

*    Management of legislative procedures of the various aviation laws (including initiation of new
      legislative enactments and a change in or amendment of existing legislative enactments) in
      accordance with the policy of the Director of the CAA, and the order of priorities set by him.

*    Representation of the CAA in proceedings before the Appeals Committee established pursuant
      to Section 39 of the Aviation Law, and assisting the work of the State Attorney's Office in 
      civil and administrative actions to which the CAA is a party.

*    The legal division of the CAA is professionally subordinate to the Attorney General and is of
      assistance to the advice and legislation department of the Ministry of Justice.

*    The Legal Division of the CAA acts in coordination with the Legal Advisor of the Ministry of
      Transport and Road Safety in relation to legal issues that are of relevance to the Minister and
       the Ministry, on the basis of mutual assistance.

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